• Alfa Laval solid bowl MAB-205 Oil separator, oil purifier


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RECONDITIONED ALFA LAVAL SOLID BOWL CENTRIFUGAL OIL PURIFIER MODEL MAB-103, MAB-104, (MAB-204 2000LPH), (MAB-205 3000-3500LPH) AND MAB-206 machines with a capacity of 500LPH to 6000LPH

The machine can be used for purifier (Liq-
Liq-Solid purification) or as a clarifier (Liq-Solid System)

Manual Clean & Automatic Self-Cleaning Liquid/Liquid/Solids Centrifugal Separators
High-speed disk bowl centrifuges are ideal for applications such as separations involving biodiesel fuels, glycerin and biodiesel,
wash water, magnesol, mineral oil, metalworking fluid, coolant tramp oil, and water and waste oils.